Vote in New Hampshire


College students can vote in New Hampshire just like anyone else. 

Here are the only requirements:


  • You must be a US citizen

  • You must be 18 years or older on or before E-day

  • You must be domiciled in New Hampshire. 


“Domicile” is just a fancy word for live - you are domiciled

where you choose to lay your head at night and where you choose to be part of the community.


If you meet these, you can vote in New Hampshire.



Learn about voting options on your campus


Given how uncertain and different this year may be due

to the pandemic, here is some more detailed info about what to do in certain situations:

I go to college in NH but my parents live out of state. Can I vote here? 


You can vote in NH as long as you are a US citizen, will be 18 or older on or before Election day, and are domiciled in New Hampshire. The law makes it very clear: “a student of any institution of learning may lawfully claim domicile for voting purposes in the New Hampshire town or city in which he or she lives while attending such institution of learning if such student’s claim of domicile otherwise meets the requirements.” RSA 654:1, I-a, NH Attorney General Memo.

What if my campus is remote or I’m temporarily absent, can I still vote? 

If you were physically present in New Hampshire and made it your civic home, it remains your home until you make a new place your home. That means that students who are sheltering away from New Hampshire because of COVID-19 and intend to return are still considered to live here for voting purposes. 

BUT if you have never lived in New Hampshire, you can’t vote here, even if you are enrolled in a NH school. You need to have previously established a physical presence in NH and made it your home. NH Attorney General Memo

Do I need a license or a car registration to vote?


You do NOT need a driver’s license or car registration to vote.

Your license status has no effect whatsoever on your right to vote.

Questions? Check out our FAQs.  Need help? Call 603-466-8683 (GO-N-VOTE)
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