New Hampshire is Depending on You 

Make a Plan to Vote Safely

Questions about voting?

Call our voter assistance Hotline at:  

603-GO-N-VOTE (603)-466-8683

Our Voter Protection Team answers calls Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m




1.  Call your town or city clerk’s office to make an

   appointment or check their walk-in hours.​ Ask about

   options for drive up registration or other options. If

   you need help registering and can’t safely get to your

   clerk’s office, they will accommodate you. 

2. Register to vote in one quick appointment!


  • Bring registration proof** if you have it!

     If you don't, you can register by completing               an additional form.

  • Bring your own pen and face mask to be COVID-safe!

3. Request your absentee ballot while you're at it!

** To be eligible to vote, you must be 18 or older on election day, domiciled in NH, and a US Citizen. You should bring proof of your identity, citizenship, age and domicile if you have it (it speeds up the process). If you don't, you can still register by signing an affidavit.

More questions? Check out our FAQs.



New Hampshire has same-day registration

Traditionally, most voters in NH register in person. You can register before the election at your city or town clerk’s office during their regular business hours, at a Supervisor of the Checklist meeting, or at the polls on election day. 

Call our Voter Assistance Hotline
Our voter protection team will be offering live assistance Monday - Friday 9am-6pm



You can complete the registration process by mail.  You will need copies or digital photos of proof of identity (ID) and domicile (address), and a witness.


  1.    Request the absentee registration forms:

Call or email  your town or city clerk’s office or the Secretary of State. You can also request your registration forms by sending your clerk your absentee ballot request form. 

  2.  ​​ Check the mail or your email: 

Your clerk or the SOS will mail the forms to you. They can also email you the forms if you can print them at home.

  3.    Collect your proof: 

You must provide proof of identity and domicile (your address). If you don’t have paper copies, you can take a picture of your ID or proof and email that to your clerk to supplement your applications

  4.   Fill out the forms:  

  • Complete the registration form.

  • Complete one of two affidavit forms: 

  • Don’t forget to sign your forms! 


  5. ​   Ask a witness to sign your affidavit!

  • Any person may serve as a witness. They just need to confirm that you are who you say you are. 

  • Some helpful tips:

    • Call a friend or a neighbor to be a witness. If you need a witness, call our hotline at 603-314-VOTE

    • Sign your form while your witness watches from 6 feet away or through a window.  Step back or side it toward your witness. 

    • Your witness signs it! Then they can leave it for you or they can mail all your documents for you after you sign it. 

  6. ​   Return your packet to your Clerk:

If you are unable to complete any of these steps, contact your clerk for assistance. You may request accommodation if you do not have access to a witness or the ability to provide copies of proof of identity and domicile.  

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